Student Affairs AND SERVICES

Office of Student Affairs AND SERVICES

At the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS), we are your go-to support system. From understanding your concerns to implementing solutions and offering programs that foster growth, we’re here to enhance your college experience. Your success is our mission, and we’re with you every step of the way!

The Office of Student Affairs shall:

  • encourage intellectual growth through programs that enhance students’ knowledge and skills;
  • facilitate and oversee student clubs and organizations for the pursuit of varied interests and causes;
  • commit to holistic growth through leadership programs, skill-building workshops, and cultural enrichment events;
  • foster social responsibility through community service opportunities;
  • provide counseling services, academic advising, and career guidance;
  • maintain an open-door policy for ease of access to staff and services;
  • act as an advocate for students’ rights and welfare, and ensure they have a voice in decision-making; and,
  • build partnerships to maximize resources for students’ development, engagement, and leadership preparation.

Information and Orientation Services

Embark on your educational journey with ease through our Information and Orientation Services, your guide to thriving at King’s College.

Student Activities

Engage in thrilling Student Activities; we’re here to guide, monitor, and celebrate your achievements.

Join or form Student Organizations under our nurturing supervision and watch your passions grow.

Student Discipline

Experience Student Discipline with our fair and clear guidelines, ensuring a respectful learning environment.

Student Attendance Monitoring

Struggling with attendance? Our compassionate OSA staff evaluates and understands your situation, engaging in direct conversations to address any challenges and keep your educational journey on track.

Scholarship Program

Unlock your potential with our Scholarship Program; your ambition deserves our support.

Student Housing Services

Find your home away from home with our Student Housing Services, safe and conducive to learning.

Cultural and Arts Program

Explore creativity through our Cultural and Arts Program; we foster talent and celebrate heritage.

Social and Community Involvement Programs

Make an impact with our Social and Community Involvement Programs; your contribution can change the world.

The Founder's Working Scholar Program

Be part of our Working Scholars: Student Support Staff and Student Marshals


remaining time before the deadline of submission


For any inquiries or concerns, do feel free to contact us.


Frances Corrine B. Delmas

Student Development & Welfare Coordinator

John Russel M. Bacdai

Student Activities, Organizations, & Discipline Personnel

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