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King’s College of the Philippines Topped in the WURI Ranking 2024

KCP has achieved remarkable success in the 2024 World University Ranking for Innovation (WURI), securing top positions in three categories. Announced on June 7, 2024, KCP demonstrated its commitment to innovative education and leadership, the institution excelled in student support, leadership, and crisis management, marking it as one of the leaders in global higher education. KCP is #6InLeadership #7forStudentSupport #16InCrisisManagement.

The impressive rankings in these categories are a testament to King’s College of the Philippines’ strong commitment to innovation, student welfare, crisis preparedness, and leadership excellence.

These achievements in the WURI rankings reflect its mission to provide quality education that is responsive to the changing needs of society. The college’s focus on fostering an innovative and supportive learning environment ensures that students are well-equipped to navigate and lead in a dynamic world.

As King’s College of the Philippines continues to build on this success, it remains dedicated to enhancing its programs, supporting its community, and contributing to the advancement of global education standards.

What is WURI?

The World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI) assesses higher education institutions’ real contributions to industry and society, highlighting innovative education, research, and society engagement.


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