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King’s College of the Philippines Shines at Regional Higher Education Press Conference

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Students from King’s College of the Philippines (KCP) made an impressive showing at the Regional Higher Education Press Conference held at Kalinga State University from February 28 to March 1, 2024, demonstrating exceptional prowess in various journalistic and literary competitions.

Narjael Yagyagen showcased her copyediting skills by securing 3rd place in Copyreading & Headline Writing in English and 4th place in Development Communication Writing in English. Her achievements highlight the college’s strength in producing talented writers who can effectively convey complex ideas to the public.

Kenji Taguiam, another bright talent from KCP, emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the arts category. Taguiam clinched 3rd place in Editorial Cartooning, the 2nd place in Literary Graphics Illustration, and was crowned Champion in Comic Strip, additionally earning the title of 1st place – Highest Ranking Individual for his outstanding creativity and ability to communicate visually compelling narratives.

Irish Aron excelled in News Writing in Filipino, taking 2nd place, and also demonstrated versatility by placing 7th in Column Writing (Opinion Writing) in English, showing a strong command over both languages.

Julie-an Dulliyao displayed her journalistic skills by ranking 7th in News Writing in English and 5th in Sports Writing in Filipino, proving her ability to cover a wide range of topics effectively.

Jimver Lubante took 6th place in Photojournalism in English, 8th in Sports Writing in English, and 8th in Newspaper Layout, showcasing his multifaceted talent in photography, sports journalism, and design.

Krishell Juan, with her artistic flair, secured 9th place in Comics, 8th in Graphic Literary, and 6th in Editorial, illustrating her adeptness in combining art and commentary to engage readers.

Gio Resultay demonstrated literary talent by placing 4th in Filipino Poetry, 7th in Copyreading, and 8th in Feature Writing, underscoring the institution’s commitment to fostering a love for the Filipino language and culture.

Emerald Dumpayan made a clean sweep by securing 3rd place across four categories: Feature Writing, Editorial Writing, Poetry Writing, and Highest accumulated points for individual events, showcasing her versatility and depth as a writer.

Rolanda Baucas rounded off the college’s triumphant participation by securing 3rd place in Editorial, 3rd in Photojournalism, and 7th in Opinion, highlighting her analytical skills and keen eye for detail.

The achievements of these students have not only brought honor to King’s College of the Philippines but have also qualified them for the National Press Conference to be held in Naga City on March 19-21, 2024. Their success at the regional level demonstrates the high standard of education and training provided by KCP, emphasizing its role in nurturing the next generation of journalists and writers in the country.

Special recognition is due to Ms. Efrhilyn Kate M. Bay-an, the adviser behind the scenes. Ms. Bay-an’s unwavering dedication, expert guidance, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in preparing the participants for success. Her ability to nurture and inspire has not only led to outstanding results at the conference but has also set the stage for future accomplishments. The college community extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Bay-an for her significant contribution to the students’ growth and achievements.

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