King’s College of the Philippines ranked 1 in CLE Board Exam with 88.89% passing rate

In a remarkable achievement, King’s College of the Philippines has emerged as the frontrunner among top-performing schools, boasting an impressive 88.89% passing rate in the recent Criminology board exam conducted from August 25 to 27, 2023.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced this outstanding accomplishment in an official press release, reaffirming the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and dedication to producing competent professionals. Out of the 63 examinees coming the KCP, 56 passed the board exam resulting to 88.89% passing rate, securing the Rank 1 as Top-performing School. This remarkable achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of the aspiring criminologists, and underscores the institution’s unwavering commitment to providing quality education and rigorous preparation for board examinations.

This accomplishment not only serves as a source of pride for King’s College of the Philippines but also reaffirms the institution’s mission to inspire and prepare future professionals to excel in their chosen fields.

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