King’s College of the Philippines Honored with Tourism Institutional Partner of the Year by La Trinidad Municipal Government

In a significant acknowledgment of its commendable contributions to local tourism and community care, King’s College of the Philippines (KCP) was conferred with the title of “Tourism Institutional Partner of the Year” by the Municipal Government of La Trinidad on September 29, 2023.

This notable recognition was awarded in appreciation of the institution’s consistent efforts in promoting the beauty and cleanliness of La Trinidad through regular beautification activities and clean-up drives. These initiatives not only elevate the tourism allure of the municipality but also instill a profound sense of responsibility and community spirit among its residents and visitors.

Dr. Angeline T. Bugtong, the Vice-President for Administration of KCP, and Mr. Jefort K. Sab-it, the Director of Student Affairs and Services, represented the institution in receiving the Plaque of Recognition. They gratefully accepted the Plaque from the hands of the Municipal Mayor, Hon. Romeo K. Salda.

“We are deeply honored and humbled by this recognition,” said Dr. Bugtong. “King’s College of the Philippines has always been committed to fostering a spirit of community involvement, and this accolade serves as a testament to our students’, faculty’s, and staff’s dedication to enhancing the natural beauty and appeal of La Trinidad.”

Post the official ceremony, in a significant gesture, the Plaque of Recognition was subsequently turned over to the School President, Atty. Rolando T. Vergara, reaffirming the institution’s collective achievement and the importance of leadership in driving community initiatives.

This recognition underscores the vital synergy between academic institutions and local governance in ensuring sustainable tourism while upholding the environmental integrity and beauty of the region. With such partnerships in place, La Trinidad’s future as a sought-after tourist destination seems brighter than ever.//

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