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KCP: Recognized for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs

King’s College of the Philippines, located in the scenic La Trinidad, Benguet, has recently achieved a significant milestone in its commitment to promoting health and wellness. The school has been awarded a prestigious Certificate of Recognition for its exemplary efforts in health promotion and disease prevention programs. This accolade was presented at the Health and Environment Summit and Awards, held on November 28, 2023, marking a notable moment in the college’s history.

The award acknowledges King’s College’s active role in creating a healthier environment for its learners. By participating in various municipal health programs, the college has significantly contributed to the overall well-being of the La Trinidad community. These initiatives reflect the institution’s dedication to ensuring that health care services are inclusive and accessible to all, demonstrating a strong commitment to community health.

The recognition was conferred in a ceremony graced by notable figures. Antonette P. Agpas, MD MPH, the Municipal Health Officer, and Hon. Romeo K. Salda, the Municipal Mayor, presented the award. Their presence underscored the importance of collaborative efforts between educational institutions and local health authorities in fostering community health and well-being.

Dr. Angeline T. Bugtong, the Vice President for Administration at King’s College, accepted the certificate on behalf of the school. Her leadership and guidance have been pivotal in steering the college’s health initiatives towards success. This recognition serves as a testament to her and the institution’s relentless pursuit of health excellence.

This award sets a benchmark for other educational institutions, highlighting the vital role they play in health promotion. King’s College’s achievement is not just a feather in its cap but also a beacon of inspiration for others to prioritize health in their curricula and community engagements. The college’s journey towards this recognition exemplifies its unwavering commitment to nurturing a health-conscious and empowered community.// Sab-it, J.

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