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KCP-CIT Faculty and Students Engage in Media Literacy Seminar-Workshop: Transforming Education and Empowering Change

In a bid to combat the alarming spread of misinformation on social media, an inspiring event titled “Development of an Open Courseware with Animation and Gamification on Fighting Information Disorder on Social Media” was held at University of the Cordilleras. In collaboration with Siliman University and supported by esteemed institutions including the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, the Asian University Digital Resource Network for Local Knowledge, the Philippine eLearning Society, Central Philippine University of Iloilo, Davao Central College of Davao city, and University of the Cordilleras, the event attracted widespread attention from College of Information (CIT) students and faculty across Luzon.

The event emphasized the pressing need to promote media literacy in the digital age, equipping individuals with the tools to discern reliable information from falsehoods. With the rise of fake news and the pervasive issue of misinformation, the event brought together leading experts, students, and educators to tackle this critical challenge.

Participants engaged in six modules, each addressing key aspects of information disorder on social media. The modules covered topics such as Misinformation, Disinformation, Mal-information, Deciphering the Architects of Networked Disinformation, Trolls and Deep Fake Technologies, Fact-checking Process, Tools, and Platforms, becoming a Responsible Social Media User, and Inforgraphics, Video Blog, and Action Planning to Fight Information Disorder. The courseware, thoughtfully developed by a dedicated team known as the “fight team,” integrated animation and gamification to foster active engagement and deepen understanding.

Distinguished experts in the field, including Dr. Jeffrey S. Ingosan, the esteemed Dean of the College of Computer Studies at the University of the Cordilleras, lent their valuable insights on navigating the digital landscape responsibly.

With enthusiastic participation from faculty members and student leaders representing various institutions, the event witnessed a diverse and engaged audience. Notably, attendees from the College of Information Technology at King’s College of the Philippines demonstrated the cross-disciplinary interest in addressing misinformation.

The event’s highlight was the hands-on experience of the courseware, allowing participants to explore how animation and gamification enhance media literacy skills. A special workshop empowered attendees to incorporate the courseware into their subjects, transcending majors and courses, thereby amplifying its impact across different disciplines.

The comprehensive talks and seminars during the event provided attendees with an arsenal of knowledge, empowering them to use the courseware effectively in the fight against information disorder.

The integration of this courseware into educational curricula holds immense promise in fostering a generation of critical thinkers and responsible digital citizens. The collective efforts of educators, students, and stakeholders mark a significant step forward in combatting misinformation on social media.

By championing media literacy, CIT students and faculty have taken a commendable step towards creating a more informed and discerning society, fortified against the perils of misinformation on digital platforms. //

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