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Housekeeping NC2

The King’s College of the Philippines envisions each generation of globally competitive professionals to love God, lead the nation, and light the world.

KCP is here to assist and train you to achieve your dreams and visions. We strive to offer you quality education and character formation. Education can lift a person from the quagmire of illiteracy and despond. Knowledge and skills are necessary, yet they are temporary. But Godly character and faith are necessary for they are eternal.

As you step the threshold of King’s College of the Philippines, I hope you will take hold of a vision for a better future, a vision to be someone who could be a part of making this nation, or this world a better place to live in; a vision to be someone who would be a part of making other people’s lives better; a vision that is worth living for. STRIVE for excellence, STAY humble and SEEK the Lord.


Transforming the Youth to become Exemplars in their Chosen Careers

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