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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a degree in a field with a wealth of job opportunities.

A business administration degree provides graduates with a starting point for a vast number of career paths.

The common industries for those with a bachelor’s degree in business administration are investment banking and small business management. Because of the flexibility and broad applications involved with business administration, those with a degree may be able to quickly take on more responsibilities and sometimes advance into managerial roles. 

Program Majors

BSBA – Major in Marketing Management

The BSBA-MM program prepares the graduate for careers in marketing, market research, advertising, and public relations. The curriculum provides the graduate with both technical skills and competencies required in the field, and also the flexible mindset that is necessary to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment. 

BSBA – Major in Financial Management

The BSBA-FM program prepares the graduates for various careers in financial management as well as in related fields including but not limited to, corporate finance, investment management, banking, credit, trusts operations, insurance, foreign currency markets, money markets, capital markets and other financial securities markets. The curriculum provides the graduate with knowledge on financial institutions and technical skills based on established financial theories, theories, methodologies, and various analytical tools. It promotes an outlook that is primarily based on ethics, market integrity regulations, good governance and competitive global perspective, necessary for effective financial decision-making.

Career opportunities associated with the program

Specific sample job opportunities for graduates of the BSBA Program are:

Major in Marketing Management
  • Management Trainee in Marketing
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Account Executive
  • Merchandizer
  • PR/Advertising Assistant
  • Service Crew
  • Customer Service Agent/Representative
  • Junior Sales Trainer Receptionist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product/Brand/Assistant
  • Order Billing Assistant
Major in Financial Management
  • Management Trainee in Finance
  • New Account Personnel Credit and Collection
  • Assistant Credit Analyst
  • Treasury Assistant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Order/Cahier
  • Trade/Stock
  • Financial Analyst


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