Human Resource Management Office


To create a rewarding and healthy work environment.


To improve efficiency and effectiveness of KCP’s human resource.


  1. To develop and implement a comprehensive approach to workforce recruitment, hiring, retention and planning resulting in an effective workforce to meet the present and future needs of KCP;
  2. To improve performance management and evaluation practices;
  3. To institute and develop an effective assessment process at both the program and course level;
  4. To ensure effective utilization and maximum development of human resources;
  5. To boost employee morale by proposing programs and approaches to the KCP management to adapt;
  6. To implement School policies increase employee accountability;
  7. To develop compensation strategies focused on the support of the performance management;
  8. To revive line management responsibility for the implementation of HR Policies; and
  9. To increase organizational learning.


  1. Recruitment and Procurement of Staff Human Resource deals with obtaining people with appropriate and necessary skills, abilities, knowledge and experience to fill the vacant teaching posts in schools.
  2. Staff Maintenance involves making the work environment conducive for the employees. It is the administration and monitoring of workplace safety, health and welfare policies to retain a competent workforce and comply withe statutory standards and regulations.
  3. Staff Development: is analyzing training requirement to ensure that employees possess the knowledge and skills to perform satisfactory in their jobs or to advance in the organization, Performance appraisal can identify employee key skills and ‘competence’.
  4. Job Performance Management. This involves the design and administration of job performance which includes: job evaluation, performance appraisal, and benefits.
  5. Employee Relations is the promotion of effective labor relations of KCP. Employee relation are governed by the Labor Code, MORPHE and other special laws. In the absence of Labor Union in KCP, the College enjoys relative labor peace. This can be ascribed to the conclusion that there is an effective utilization of dispute resolution mechanism. Recently, the school has also initiated the creation of the Labor Management Committee.
As a Strategic Partner:The HRMO aligns its strategies and practices with the goals and priorities of the College. This is done by identifying, modeling and implementing best practices in human resource management and by supporting the missions and work of the School thru effective human resource policies.
As Administrative Expert: The HRMO designs and delivers human resource processes:
a. Provide a human resource information
b. Administers and ensure compliance with laws, regulations, rules and policies