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College of Theology


The College of Theology envisions itself to be the center of spiritual, theological and ministerial education in Northern Luzon.


The College of Theology is committed to educate and train students to become competent Christian leaders, especially in their specific calling of ministry.


  1. To produce competent Christian communicators, effectively presenting the Christian message, both in content and delivery, relevant to contemporary audiences;
  2. To build strong Christian leaders, administering churches towards vibrancy and growth;
  3. To produce spiritually-matured individuals, applying godly principles in the conduct of their personal lives, devotion to God, relationship with their family, other people and the ministry;
  4. To produce adequately trained Christian thinkers responsive to various issues and situations faced by the church and society;
  5. To produce Christian leaders/ministers who will be producing future leaders/ministers.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology is a four-year degree designed specifically for those who. . .