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College of Accountancy


Fostered with excellent academic and Christian values, the College of Accountancy is devoted to answer the call for qualified, well-rounded and well-trained professional accountants in public, corporate and government accounting vis-à-vis the demands of the global workplace.


To provide the students excellence in accounting education, cultivating in them commitment to Christian values under a learning environment with emphasis on effective, ethical, dedicated and socially responsible leadership and management in the ever changing professional world.


  1. To maintain a competency-based curriculum that focuses on student knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to excel in the changing business environment;
  2. To maintain a teaching environment that employs a variety of teaching methodologies, learning experiences, and interactions geared toward improving student learning in all programs;
  3. To institute and develop an effective assessment process at both the program and course level;
  4. To acquire and integrate current technology and a global perspective throughout the curriculum;
  5. To establish effective means of coordination and networking with other institutions and the community; and
  6. To encourage active participation in all activities and programs of the institution and other academic associations.

Programs Offered

BS in Accountancy

BS in Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. . .