VPA Clyde Abellanosa leads the BBEAL Parade through the streets of La Trinidad to the KCP Pico campus. KCP hosting included the very first street parade for a BBEAL Opening Day.

Getting to know BBEAL in brief

The Baguio-Benguet Educational Athletic League or BBEAL in short traces its beginning to 1986 when five tertiary schools in Baguio got together to promote sports among the various college students in Baguio in the spirit of unity, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. To date, the league sponsors a wide array of team and individual sports numbering a total of at least 30 different sport categories. The league further boasts of not just five members only but now of a total of eleven (11) members to include tertiary schools in the neighboring municipality of La Trinidad in Benguet. KCP having joined in 2016 is considered the youngest member in BBEAL, the biggest collegiate Athletic League in Northern Philippines.

University of Baguio (UB)

The University of Baguio is one of the founding members of BBEAL. In the thirty years of staging BBEAL, UB holds the record of having the most number of championships. Last Season, however, they placed First Runner-up; hence, the UB Cardinals now are fully geared and ready with their bid to retain the number one spot in the league.

University of the Cordilleras (UC)

The University of the Cordilleras, the other founding member of BBEAL, is the 30TH Season overall champion. While UC Jaguars shall continue to be back in the courts and fields with the League’s mission, they intend to bring out their best. They may give their rivals a chance but never a foothold to lose their spot, spectators can expect a promising; intense, and exciting event wherein UC is involved.

Saint Louis University (SLU)

The Saint Louis University, also another founding member, is the 3RD place honor holder of the 30ST Season. The SLU Navigators will attempt to clinch a higher ranking this season. Certainly, they are prepared to defend their championships in chess, sepak takraw and swimming.

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA)

Imbued with proper discipline and with their rigid training, the Philippine Military Academy participants are seemingly natural athletes. While they are trained not to lose a single battle, they referred defeat in the world of sports, a segment of the learning process. They go by the adage, “what matters is not whether you lose or win a game, but rather it is how you play the game”. For this and all their winnings, BBEAL offers a snappy salute to the PMA Cavaliers!

The Baguio Central University (BCU)

The Baguio Central University is one of the long-staying members of BBEAL. The BCU Eagles have soared high and will continue to soar higher and smoother this 31ST Season.

The Pines City Colleges (PCC)

The Pines City Colleges garnered ninth (9TH) place in the last season. With more determination, they shall elevate their status this 31ST Season.

The Baguio College of Technology (BCT)

The Baguio College of Technology settled for seventh (7TH) place in the 30TH Season of BBEAL. With an emerging powerhouse team in basketball, BCT hopes to land their first ever BBEAL basketball championship this 31ST Season. The BCT Atoms are passionate about this guested this dream.

The University of the Philippines- Baguio (UPB)

Individual sports over team sports are more of the liking of the UPB athletes. However, the UPB Maroons have been impressive as well as not just in the playing courts but also in the dance and cheering competition stage. UP shall soon be hosting the next BBEAL events- the 32ND Season next school year.

The Benguet State University (BSU)

The Benguet State University had just celebrated her Centennial Anniversary, and as part of her success, BSU anticipated a higher ranking at this 31ST Season of BBEAL. So far, BSU holds the record of having the most numbers of championships in the area of baseball and football. The BSU Wildcats simply love what they are doing, and this appears to be their ingredient for success.

The Cordillera Career Development College (CCDC)

The Cordillera Career Development College of Pico, La Trinidad earned sixth (6TH) place during the last BBEAL Season. The CCDC Admirals won their first basketball game during the BBEAL opening day, and this has spurred them to strive further in all their lined-up events for this 31ST Season.

King’s College of the Philippines (KCP)

Being the youngest member of this collegiate league, the KCP Amazing Tigers in their first of participation last 30TH Season had proven that years of membership in the league is not the measurement of success for they were able to land in eight (8TH) place.This year as the BBEAL host, the KCP Amazing Tigers will continue to showcase their best not just in camaraderie and hospitality but also in sportsmanship in and out of the courts.